Take a Tour of Oaks Lane Farm

If you’d like to find out more about life on a working smallholding and meet the animals during your farm stay, we are very happy to take you on a tour of the farm and answer any questions for a small donation to The Donkey Sanctuary in return.

We have 2 foster donkeys, Barney and Pumpkin and an array of other animals!


We have a flock of about 40 sheep, nearly all part- or pure-bred Badger Faced Welsh Mountain sheep.  If you come in the spring, there may be a chance to get close to young lambs or even see some being born!  We like the Badger Faced sheep, not just because they are pretty but because they are independent thinkers, can cope with the worst weather and are real survivors…lambs are on their feet within a couple of minutes of being born, ready to go wherever mum leads!


Here at Oaks Lane Farm we like to rear a few pigs in the most natural way – outdoors (apart from the depths of winter), in small family groups and slowly.  These are not pets as they are all destined for the table, but they are all able to develop their personalities and have a fantastic life with us.  Why not ask to have a farm tour and find out more about these highly intelligent, friendly creatures?


Did you know that dairy cows need to have a calf every year to keep producing milk for us thirsty humans?   Dairy calves, especially bull calves, are generally surplus to requirements, so farmers often cross their dairy cows with beef bulls to produce calves with some beef value.   These calves are separated from mums early on and sold, and we generally buy a couple each year to raise slowly and naturally on grass over the next two years


We always have some hens around the place to produce eggs for us, our neighbours and our guests.   Friendly and inquisitive, they are fun to watch and little people love collecting the eggs!